About us

We are a 100% Costa Rican company, created by two professionals in geography and information technology, visionaries and responsible for the change in the technological paradigm, who decide to form a team that is committed to collaborative work, for the modernization of the public and private sectors in everything related with the management of spatial information.

The company is defined as a leader in technological innovation, we are clear that the market evolves continuously and is directed to more open technologies, so our service offer is in constant renovation, adjusted to meet the needs of our customers.


Provide innovative and high quality technological solutions based on open source, which through the work of a multidisciplinary team allow us to guarantee our clients results according to their needs and expectations.


To be the leading company in technological innovation based on open source, which provides integral solutions through a group of interdisciplinary professionals, who can reach the most conservative markets, both in the private and public sectors.


Customer orientation. Commitment. Excellence.
Integrity. Innovation.