About us

We are a 100% Costa Rican company, created by two professionals in geography and information technology, visionaries and responsible for the change in the technological paradigm, who decide to form a team that is committed to collaborative work, for the modernization of the public and private sectors in everything related with the management of spatial information.

The company is defined as a leader in technological innovation, we are clear that the market evolves continuously and is directed to more open technologies, so our service offer is in constant renovation, adjusted to meet the needs of our customers.


We contribute to the growth and development to increase the competitivity of our clientes, with innovative and quality certified solutions, generated by an interdisciplinary team of high capabilities.


We will be known as leading company in innovation with world presence, which develops integrated solutions that transforms the paradigms of traditional technological culture.

Our principles

Customer oriented
Commitment with excellence
Integrity in our acts
Innovation in technological solutions
Innovation in the processes

Environmental politics

SOLTIG is committed to reduce the environmental impact, looking to always optimize and eficiently use the natural resources for its activities, showing respect to the national constitution in enviromental topics and other legal requirements.